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Cindy Yff Sunday, November 26, 2000
DOPKINS, STEDMAN, FAGEN - Looking for information on Edward A. (possibly Aaron) and Cynthia O. (Owen) Dopkins. Edward died in 1881, he was part of the county board or some sort of committee in Morris. Cynthia died in St Paul in 1914. At some point they owned land in Daren, Cynthia moved into Morris when Edward died. They had three children: Chester who married Eva Mae Fagen, Lou who married George Short, George whom married first wife Clara Eaton. The Fagen and Stedman families did short stint in Morris, Eva's grandparents Albert and Lucille Stedman are buried in Morris, along with her father William Fagen and possibly her mother Adrian Stedman Fagen.

JBrilesGallery@aol.com Monday, November 13, 2000
I have a Photo of the house my Grandfather was born in, in was in Morris Mn. His name was Severre R. VINJE i know he was born before 1900, but im not sure when. I would like any information on the Vinje family in Morris (im not sure when they came from Norway). I know my mother spoke of the family farm her grandmother lived on (something about a chicken named Patsy and some cows....) Thanks

Monica Janczak Swafford Friday, October 6, 2000
I am researching the BROUILLET family in Morris, Stevens County, Minnesota and Slayton, Murray County, Minnesota. My great grandparents, Damos and Victoria Morin BROUILLET moved from Kankakee, Illinois to Decorah, Iowa to Slayton, Minnesota. After Victoria's death, Damos moved back to Kankakee, Illinois.

I would like to share information with anyone researching this name.

Paula Ayres Sunday, September 24, 2000 Updated Saturday, December 23, 2000
Surnames BRENNER - In April 1890 Rolette, Rolette Co. NDak newspaper article: "Miss Christina Brenner, who has been at school in Morris, MN, arrived on Saturday's train and will visit a few weeks with her father, E.W. BRENNER, Indian Agent at the Mission". She would have been 17 years old. I am interested in information, if there was a boarding school there, if there were any BRENNER or MCDONALD families there? I have very little informationon on Christina. I would appreciate any help possible. Thank you.

Kristine Champlin Sunday, August 20, 2000
ERICKSON - Gulbran or Gilbert Erickson moved to Stevens County, Donnelly Township, in 1872. He is my great-great grandfather. I have found him in the Minnesota census records through 1900, but cannot find him after that.

What happened to him and his wife? When did they die and where are they bured?

His wife had several names in the census: Inger, Engras, Ingrey, Engery, and Ingri. Likewise, he was Gulbran or Gilbert. They had two sons: John and Edward. I have found John in the Stevens County census of 1905. Edward, who is my great grandfather, moved around and lived in Clearwater, Beltrami, and Hennepin counties, but my grandmother was born in Donnelly, Minnesota in 1894.

Barbara Leimback Saturday, August 12, 2000
Family history says Georg LEIMBACH and wife Maria Elisabeth both died in Morris, Stevens County, Minnesota. Georg is supposed to have died in 1914. Maria death date unknown. Have been unsuccessful locating them. Any help will be appreciated.
B. Leimback
P.O. Box 432
Burley, WA 98322

Randall J. Slater Sunday, July 2, 2000 2:25 PM
Surnames Doing Research On: DUWENHOEGGER, SCHLICHTE. Looking for information on a Rose DUWENHOEGGER (aka Rose SCHLICHTE, Mrs. Fred DUWENHOEGGER). They lived in Donnelly, Minnesota. Name was found in a obituary for a Clem SCHLICHTE.

Joan Brooks Friday, June 23, 2000 10:44 AM
I am looking for family information on Susan CZECH she married Jacob RUDNICKI on August 24, 1897 in Waverly, Mn. I would like information on her family history.

Roxanne Penn Tuesday, June 13, 2000 8:59 AM
Researching Sarah Jane PENN (maiden name - Beaman) and her sons Ernest and John PENN. Sarah Jane PENN inherited land in Stevens Co. Minnesota from her husband William B. PENN (buried in Linn Co., Iowa) in 1906. Their sons listed Morris, Minnesota as their residence in the obituary for their father. Ernest PENN eventually moved to Colorado. Sarah Jane Beaman PENN could be buried in Morris, MN. She had daughters who listed Morris, MN as their residence also. William B. PENN is buried in Linn Co. Iowa. I do have a copy of the will and the obituary. Thanks for any help on this family.

Brenda Rismoen Sunday, May 28, 2000 2:50 PM
I am trying to get any and all information on the HUDSON'S. I know that Henry HUDSON Date of Birth Aug. 22nd, 1876 in Steven's County Minnesota Married Mary Erickson from Sweden. She immigrated to the United Stated in 1885. We have no date of birth for her. They where married in 1906 at the Aeneas Lutheran Church in Hoffman Minnesota. They were the first to have a wedding in the church. They had 3 Children the oldest was Edgar Siguard L. Hudson Born July 15th, 1907 and died June 13th, 1911 due to a year long illness. The second child was Elynn M. Hudson born Jan. of 1911 and the last Child was Henry L. D. Hudson. Mary died in 1919 and is buried along side of her oldest son in Hoffman Minnesota. Henry was a carpenter and had bought a blacksmith shop in 1906 and sold it in 1914 or 1915. Any other information would be greatly appreciated. We would also like to get copies of anything that is on the family.

Lauri Ziemer Tuesday, May 16, 2000 11:53 AM
LARSON, HANSE, NILSON, WESTBY. Looking for any family or descendant information on Andrias (Andrew) Larson HANSE (dob: 6-4-1850) who came to MN @1867 with his parents, Lars & Barbara LARSON, and brothers, Ole, Martin, Hans, Lars, and Charl, from Gjerdrum, Norway. The Larson family changed their name to Hanse upon settling in Morris, MN. Andrew married Martha (aka Mathea & Matilda) Nilson WESTBY (dob: 5-24-1862) on 12-10-1881 in Swan Lake Township, Stevens County, MN. Martha had immigrated with her parents Ole & Anna NILSON @1873 from Nannestad, Akersus, Norway. The Nilson family changed their name to Westby upon settling in Stevens Co., MN. Martha's siblings included Ole (dob @ 1873 in NY), Louis (dob @1876 in MN) and Emma (dob @1879 in MN) WESTBY.

Andrew & Martha went on to have 15 children: Olaus Ludwig (married Mary Dunkin), Ida (married John Hillstrom), Anna Laura (married Jens Anderson), Henry Oscar, Carl, Barbara Louise (married George Gimberlin), Clara(married Ernest Tenhoff), William (married Gertie Jacobson), Andrew, Alfred George, Theodore George, Victor Robert, Hazel, Peter Earnest and Mabel Inga (married Carl Holweg) HANSE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Laurie Sheriff Sunday, April 30, 2000 10:39 PM
Surname: DRAGOO I am searching for any info on Elijah William DRAGOO (also known as William Elijah DRAGOO). He reportedly lived in Morris, Minnesota for 10 years, beginning around 1972. Supposedly he was the Sheriff for a period of time, and owned a hardware store. Rumor is his photo hangs in the Masonic Lodge in Morris. Any info about his life in Morris would be appreciated. Thanks!

Michelle R. Reed Sunday, April 16, 2000 3:52 PM
I would like to have information on my Grandmother.  If you could find her birth cerfificate.   Her Name was Agnes (Aggie) BEISEL.  She was born August 03,1887 in Donnley, MN. If you could forward any information or refferals where I might get the information. Thank You.

James E, Moriarty Monday, March 13, 2000 11:32 PM
I am looking for two families that lived in Nora Township, Pope County but may be buried in Stevens County. The family names are BAHM (Bohm, Boehm, etc.) and GUST. The cemetery is listed as Swan Lake Lutheran Cemetery. I would be interested in any descendants or families that the above two families married into.

Norm Englund Thursday, January 27, 2000 8:33 PM
I am researching the Axel ENGLUND and Alfred ENGLUND families that lived in the Hancock, MN area. I am especially interested in the time period between 1878 -1884 at which time I believe Alfred ENGLUND and his wife died and their five children were sent to the Homme Orphan Home in Wittenberg, WI. I am the grandson of one of these children. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Vi Grooms-Alban Wednesday, January 19, 2000 4:10 PM
I am researching the WYNN (WINN) family. I know that Ambrose S. WINN married Olena HANSON in Stevens County on Sept. 23, 1883. I would appreciate any information on this family.

Frank Penn Wednesday, January 9, 2000 7:34 AM
I am researching the William B PENN family. He was married to Sarah Jane BEAMAN. She inherited some land in Steven's County at the time of his death in 1906. The children were listed as being from Morris, Minnesota. Ernest Reason PENN, John H. PENN, Cynthia FOLKINS, Leona M. HART, Violetta M. ALLUION or ALBUON, Mary Inez MCVAY. I am searching for information on the PENN Family History. I am related through Ernest Reason PENN. Thanks for any help you can provide about any of the above children. The daughter's married names are listed.

Kathy Severance Tuesday, January 4, 2000 8:52 PM
BEISSEL, LANDSBERGER, MADER, PARKER,  HENRICHS-WROOT - The BEISSEL family lived in Dakota Co., MN before moving to the Donnelly area. Maria Anna BEISSEL & William Andrew MADER were married in Chokio Nov 20, 1900 at  St. Mary's Catholic Church.  At least one daughter of Engelbert Johann BEISSEL & Marie Estelle PARKER was born in Donnelly.  Johannes Josphus BEISSEL and Nina Maria HENRICHS WROOTS were also married in Donnelly Jan 14, 1931 at St. Theresa's church. Looking for any and all members of this family.   There is a BEISSEL  family reunion Jul 2, 2000,  all family members are welcome to come.       http://forums.delphi.com/beissel/start

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