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Gregory Holter Saturday, December 29, 2001
HANSON, BREVIG, OLSON - I seek information on my great-grandmother. Lena O. HANSON was born March 5, 1861, somewhere in Norway and died September 21, 1885, in Ashby, Grant County, Minnesota. She married my great-grandfather Martin N. OLSON on May 17, 1882, in Hancock, Minnesota, at the home of her sister's husband Ole BREVIG. She had two children before she died: Oscar in 1883 and Clarence in 1885. In the 1880 US Census she is listed as living with the Ole BREVIG family in Hancock. Her sister Jane is the wife of Ole BREVIG and another brother is living there also. I have no information on her or her family before 1880 and know nothing of her parents or where she came from in Norway. After moving to Ashby, Martin OLSON had a business partner K. L. BREVIG that moved to Hancock after they dissolved their partnership in 1884. I think he may be a brother of Ole BREVIG. Any information on these families would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mary McLaughlin Thursday, December 06, 2001
SOMMER, STANDAFER - Searching for any information on the Peter SOMMER family... Peter, wife Mabel (STANDAFER), children Bertha (born Nov. 1904) & Paul (born Feb. 1909) The children's births are listed as Hancock, Stevens Co., MN...but I can't find them in either the 1910 nor the 1920 Census... Would someone be so kind as to look in the 1910 Miracode Index for them...? Peter would have been about 37 by then and place of birth is Denmark... Mabel's age should be abt. 27 and Berth age 5 yr., Paul age 1 yr... Also, the 1900 Census he was living in Worthington Twp., Nobles Co., MN and had listed his year of immigration as 1893.... Is there any information there that would give me when he was Naturalized...? Thanks in advance.

Don Monday, October 29, 2001
Does anyone have any info on George FRENCH who married Pearl Gable and may have children living in or around Hancock, MN.

Linda McNea Sunday, October 21, 2001
I am looking for any information about Edvin GILBERT or GILBERTS and Gertie or Gunvar Gilberts. I think they lived in Minnesota for awhile then moved to Warner South Dakota then maybe back to Minn. They lived in Northfield for awhile sometime around 1880's to1890's?

Betty Schaal Thursday, October 04, 2001
I am looking for my great grandmother, her name was Christine HANSEN, they lived on a farm at Morris Mn. and i believe she is buried in a cemetery there. Is there a cemetery named Frog Lake cemetery.I would appreciate any help. Thanks

R. D. Lawler Sunday, December 03, 2001
LAWLER I am looking for information on Partick Lawler who was married to Hanora Haley and had a son Daniel Henry Lawler who died in 1950 @ Morris. I believe Hanora lived with Daniel in 1900 but don't know where she or Patrick is burried. In the Morris paper in 1950 it indicated they (Patrick & Hanora) moved from Scott County to Stevens County south of Hancock in 1874. Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Kopitzke Wednesday, August 22, 2001
I'm looking for information on the John KOPITZKE and Minnie (Wilamina ?)BLOCK families, their relatives, and maybe a marriage date(s). They lived on a farm to the North and East of Morris (Swan Lake?) until the 30's or early 40's. I have been told that a previous generation came from Indiana, but do not know a date. John & Minnie's children were: Paul, Andrew, George, Leo, Richard, Edward, Josephine, Agnes, LaVerne, Florence. Children were born in the 1910-1920's era. (I have the information for the children). Some of the Block relatives were store owners in Morris, (maybe a creamery or a meat locker), and one of them donated the altar for the Assumption Church. I think some of the Block names were Augustus & Reinhardt, Tillie & Emma (Smith-her husband was a plumber). Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. E-mail is preferred, or you may contact Tami Plank, who is helping me with this project.

Sandy London Thursday, June 14, 2001
Surname: NELSON (NILSON, NILSSON): Seeking fellow descendants of Knute Nilson (b. 1854 Sogndahl, Norway, d. ?) and Marie Homstad (b. 1862 Wisonsin, d. 18 May 1898 Stevens County). Knute and Marie were married in 1884 in MN. When she died in 1898 they had at least five children, possibly more. I think their two little girls died from the same epidemic as did Marie. One of their sons, Emil Erven (b 1890 Morris, MN; d. 1951 Madera, CA) was my maternal grandfather. I'm not sure of the names of the other boys, but one fought in WWI and was gassed. He survived, but the ordeal shortened his life. After Marie died, Knute apparently couldn't handle raising the boys and they passed into the hands of a kindly neighbor, also of Norwegian background. Knute's parents were Niels Thorbjornson and Cecilie Knudsen. Knute came to North America in 1880. Marie's parents were Christian Homstad and Ingebor Pedersdotter. Born in Norway, she came with her widowed father and brother to Wisonsin as a child in 1860. Would like to compare notes with other descendants.

Signe Robishaw Wednesday, April 25, 2001
I am trying to find any information: birth, death, marriage dates for Orin S. ALLEN and Ella C. MURPHY. My records show that their daughter, Etta Belle ALLEN was born in Morris, Stevens, Minnesota on 4 Jan 1891. Thank-you for any help you can give!

Jean Wall Tuesday, April 24, 2001
KNITTEL/KRAUSERT. Searching for marriage of Nicholas L. KRAUSERT to Christina Mary 'May' BERNS/BURNS about 1900-1910.

Patricia Buckmaster Sunday, April 01, 2001
I am searching for any information on my ancestors of the CASEY family that lived at one time in and around Morris, MN. My grandfather Matthew CASEY was born March 1856 in MN and died 1935, buried in Morris MN. Also my aunt Catherine CASEY, born 1894 died 1984 in Morris, MN. I know that she was living in a retirement home when she passed away.

Bonnie Garner Tuesday, March 27, 2001
BOE/WEEDING Am trying to find information on when Elenius BOE and Hansina WEEDING were married. I have been told it was in 1883 but no date, they lived in Synnes Township, Stevens County for many years. Thank you.

Linda Carey Schultz Wednesday, March 07, 2001
CAREY, O'RIORDAN, GALVIN. I am looking for information on the CAREY family from Horton twp. near Morris, MN My great-grandfather, John Carey, was born in Ireland on 14 Feb 1844. He served in the 2nd Minnesota Cavalry in the Civil War, and married Mary O'RIORDAN, who came from Cork, Ireland with her brother, Eugene, who became a lawyer in Chicago and sister, Julia. The Careys settled on a farm in Stevens County about 1878 with their three children, William, Mattie, and Kate. John froze to death in 1880, and his wife married "Captain" Michael Patrick GALVIN, widower of Mary Cecilia ESQUE. Other names associated with these families are FITZGERALD, HASKINS, KEMMER, WOODMANSEE, WARWICK, and GEBHARDT. Thanks!

Clyde Hood Friday, January 26, 2001
WATKINS: I'm looking for Cynthia S. WATKINS who received a land patent of 160 in Stevens County in 1885. Also looking for her two brothers, Alexander and Hiram WATKINS, who received land patents at the same time in Big Stone County. Did she or her siblings remain in Stevens County?

Leeann Deutsch Saturday, January 20, 2001
I am looking up information on my grandfather William Steven DEUTSCH. I know that he had a sister named Ann or Annie. He married a lady by the name of Kathern or Kathlina Selk and I have an old wedding picture that has Morris Mn. printed on it. If I could get information on his marriage certificate and birth certificate and who his parents were I would be grateful. Thank you again for you time.

Ellen Saturday, January 13, 2001
BOOTH - am looking for information on my great grandfather who owned a farm or land in Hancock, Stevens County from 1872 to 1889 approx. He had one daughter that was admitted to the Fergus Falls Hospital for the Insane her name was Katie May BOOTH...He sold his land and moved to Tolland Connect in 1880. Witnesses for his military pension applications were a G.C. Thorpe and WH Mattesen from Hancock Stevens Co., Minnesota. He had 3 children in Iowa and 1 son in Minn. sons name was Frank Milton Booth....any information on this family would really be appreciated.

Diane Thain Sunday, January 7, 2001
I am searching the following surnames: MURPHY & RIORDAN. Thomas MURPHY and his wife Ellen lived in Morris, Mn. They had several children of whom Katherine MURPHY was a schoolteacher and never married and one of their sons was John Jerome MURPHY, also known as Jack MURPHY. William RIORDAN and his wife Catherine (Kate) JOYCE lived in Stevens County also. They had several children of whom some of the names were: Mary Alice (Molly) - Eugene - Frank - John - William I would like very much to get in touch with anyone that would like to help me with my genealogy.

La Rita A. London Saturday, January 6, 2001
I am looking for information on my mother Violet Mary MCLAIN. She was born in Morris Mn 04/26/1921 Her mothers name is Anna Weidenfeld MCLAIN. Father Ora MCLAIN. Thank you very much.

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